Natural back and lower back pain management through deep relaxation.

Are you suffering from persistent back and lower back pain ?

Stop searching, you have just discovered a unique and exclusive solution that will effectively manage your misery in a secure and natural way, without using medication.

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Xiao Yuan Guo and Zen Ashiatsu

Xiao Yuan has studied Ashiatsu at the Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she graduated, in Fuzhou, in December 2011. 

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China confirmed her Official Certification as a Third Level/ Senior Skill Level, Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist, in Beijing, in January 2012.

In May 2013, Xiao Yuan underwent specialty training as a therapist in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®/Deepfeet Bar Therapy in St-Petersburg (USA). She obtained her Official Certification from the United States Government in July 2013.

Since its development and introduction in United States about twenty years ago, AOBT (Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy) has been recognized as being the "Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet" and experiencing it only one time is sufficient to really understand how true that affirmation is.

With Zen Ashiatsu, Xiao Yuan is offering a completely new and redesigned deep tissue modality that is, essentially, the result of a harmonious fusion between Traditional Chinese Medicine and the most recent occidental methods of practicing Ashiatsu.

Zen Ashiatsu is a completely natural and efficient solution that promotes back and lower back pain management through deep relaxation and without the need for any medication.

Zen Ashiatsu advocates a resolutely Zen approach in the professional practice of Ashiatsu.