Natural back and lower back pain management through deep relaxation.


 Zen Ashiatsu Massage

Open 7 days a week    9:00am - 9:00pm 

ZA 60 lasts 60 minutes and costs 90$     

ZA 90 lasts 90 minutes and costs 130$   

ZA 120 lasts 120 minutes and costs 180$  


*ZA 60 VIP , ZA 90 VIP and ZA 120 VIP treatments are offered exclusively to the members of our VIP Club.


Deep tissue Zen Ashiatsu treatments for a natural relief of chronic and acute back and lower back pain which magnify physical vitality and improve general well-being. 



1、How should I dress for a Zen Ashiatsu treatment ?

We recommend that you leave your jewelry at home and bring a case for your contact lenses. 

During your Zen Ashiatsu treatment, we drape your body with a long, thick and warm towel to give you maximum comfort and protect your privacy.

If you are not at ease being totally nude, an underwear, shorts or a bathing suit with a bra that can be easily opened in the back is OK.

2、Is a Zen Ashiatsu treatment painful ?

A Zen Ashiatsu treatment should not be painful because your therapist has been well trained.

She uses her feet as if they were hands but because her feet offer a much wider surface area in contact with your muscles and the weight of gravity provides a much deeper and even pressure, you get ultimate comfort without any pain at all.

The amount of pressure applied depends upon the patients' personal needs, and it is carefully regulated with the therapists' use of the overhead bars.

Your therapist will always check with you numerous times during the treatment to make sure that the proper pressure is applied during the treatment and to verify that you are comfortable.

3、Does that mean that you will be walking on my back ? 

Zen Ashiatsu is much more than simply "Walking on your back.".

It is a therapeutic deep tissue modality, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been developed and thoroughly tested and refined for thousands of years.

During the treatment, you can expect to experiment deep, long and flowing strokes; or lighter and faster ones that will be precisely tailored to your personal needs. This approach is profoundly soothing. 

Before and during your treatment, your therapist will use an antiseptic liquid to clean and sterilize her feet in order to ensure proper hygiene. 

4、Is a Zen Ashiatsu treatment safe during pregnancy ?

As a deep tissue massage, Zen Ashiatsu can not be used on a pregnant woman for obvious reasons. Please make sure that you are not pregnant before making a reservation.

5、Are there other contraindications to a Zen Ashiatsu treatment ?

We do not recommend Zen Ashiatsu treatments for people who suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure. We are especially careful with patients who might have diabetes, blood circulation problems or had recent surgeries.

These limitations, and a few others, are the reason why we ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment, which will allow us to make an initial assessment of your health.

If we find that you might have some condition that could be seen as a contraindication to a Zen Ashiatsu treatment, we will tell you honestly or, in some cases, we might ask for your doctor's referral. 

6、What should I do in preparation for a Zen Ashiatsu treatment ?

We need to have a preliminary background information about our patients' health and therefore we will have to get an initial health assessment. Please be ready to answer a series of questions about your health. This will happen only once, before your first treatment.

If and when possible, we recommend that you take a bath or a shower before presenting yourself in the treatment room.

7、What should I do during a Zen Ashiatsu treatment ?

Absolutely nothing !

Just relax and enjoy the pleasant sensations you will feel. Some patients get so relaxed that they fall asleep during a Zen Ashiatsu treatment. If you feel that need, just let it be. Your therapist will wake you up gently at the end of your session.

8、What should I do following a Zen Ashiatsu treatment ?

After your treatment, your body will be flushing wastes (toxins) and doing some natural rebalancing. To help your body with the elimination of those toxins, we recommend that you drink a lot of water or a fruit juice that contains Vitamin C.

It is also preferable to refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 12 hours after your session.

9、How will I feel after my Zen Ashiatsu treatment ? 

Because of the great quantity of toxins that will circulate in your body after a Zen Ashiatsu treatment you may feel some discomfort related to the release of substances (Mostly lactic acid.) that make muscles feel sore. This might lead you to feel dizzy, a bit weak or slightly tired.

But you will also feel deeply relaxed and you will find that you have a better sleep quality. You will feel totally OK within two days.   

10、Will my extended health plan cover my massage ? If so, how much ?

Every plan is different, but the vast majority cover massage therapy. How much is covered depends on each individuals' plan. It may either be a specific amount per visit that will be covered, or a percentage of the fee.

Most plans also have a yearly cap. We suggest that you communicate with your insurance benefits representative prior making an appointment if you are concerned about reimbursement.

We do not bill insurance companies directly. Upon payment, you will be issued an official receipt which you can submit to your insurance company to get your refund.