Natural back and lower back pain management through deep relaxation.


Some of our patients had already asked us for something like this a few times.

Hence, here is the first video from a series that we are producing for those who wish to see in more details how a Zen Ashiatsu treatment is performed.

This first video illustrates briefly some of the therapeutic interventions that are aimed directly at the Acupuncture meridians and trigger points that are being targeted during a regular Zen Ashiatsu treatment.

It is an eloquent testimony to the deep focus of the therapist, Xiao Yuan Guo, and to her total implication towards the treatment of her patient's back and lower back pain.

Those candid images have been taken with the patient's permission and they are presented without special effects, including any slow motion.

With the inestimable participation of Cynthia Laporte and Eloi Elloy Forest.